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Labinot Pllana


2011 - 2012

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I was born in Prishtina and grew up in Germany. I think of me as a German-Albanian. Since I’m 20 years old I act independently and organize my own business. I am a very open, cooperative and communicative person and love to spend time with my family and friends. Besides that I like to get to know new people. I am interested in psychology, religion and culture. I will probably study psychology as a hobby because I’m very interested in the mindset of other people. I love to travel and to discover new places. I would like to visit the following places in this life: Mecca, Tokyo, Medina, London, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Melbourne, Johannesburg, Atlanta, Barcelona, Manila, Bogotá, Jerusalem, New Delhi, Dubai, Bucharest, Oslo, Berlin, Helsinki, Geneva, Copenhagen, Riyad, Hamburg, Cairo, Luxembourg, Bangalore, Dallas, Kuwait, Boston, Montreal, Nairobi, Bratislava, Panama, Chennai, Brisbane, Casablanca, Denver, Quito, Vancouver, Manama, Guatemala, Capetown, San Jose, Minneapolis, Santo Domingo, etc …