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Marija Brđović


2015 - 2016


In October 2014, she enrolled in Master studies in Ethnology and Anthropology studies at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. In July 2012 she graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade. As an EVS volunteer in the Development Information Center of Bela Krajina (Črnomelj, Slovenia) she works from April to October 2014 where she conducts a research on the development of rural life but through practical work within the organization: designing promotional material for various events and festivals; presentation, promotion, information about the region and the activities of the organization; collecting data and contacts for the implementation of the EU funded projects; direct cooperation with people during workshops, festivals, work on projects. During the oldest folklore festival in Slovenia, Jurjevanje, she is a coordinator of dance and music group from Argentina. She also contributes to the local development with her own projects based on the promotion of typical home products, architecture and lifestyle. Concerning architectural projects, she has the most experience in interior design and furniture design (she was employed at the M Fly Sister&me design studio in Belgrade from September 2013 to January 2014; independent projects with private clients from July 2012 to present). This is what she particularly likes to do, since in this way she can focus on the individual and his "application" of given spatial elements. As a co-founder and organizer of architectural workshops for children, from March to August 2013 (Little School of Architecture - https://arhkola.wordpress.com/), she directly cooperates with cultural institutions and non-governmental organizations, writes and develops workshops and realizes them successfully in several different forms. She does all of that successfully as she knows the necessary computer programs, she is fluent in English as well as having a command of Slovenian, Russian and Italian at the basic level. She participated in various international interdisciplinary workshops: City Acupuncture, Sarajevo April 2013, A Garden of Exchanges, Beaumotte les Montbozon, France, 6-27 August 2013, "Youth Participation and European Elections", Italy, 10-20 October 2014. In the 2005-2007 period she also participates in the establishment of the Law on the Children Rights Protection, and other UNICEF projects within the Children's Cultural Center.