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Marija Jovković


2012 - 2012


Connection of contrasts. I am quick and slow at the same time, pensive and superficial, impulsive and thought through. I love people. My life’s work is the realization of the beauty. For me the beauty is sometimes divine and sometimes completely brutal. I love to observe people, the city and the nature and I think beauty is in the eye of the beholder. To this beauty I’m entirely devoted. I’m crazy about Belgrade, but I’m also able to love other cities. Florence is my Mecca, although I fall in love every time with a new city in which I had a good time. What greatly satisfies me is a City that lives, meeting with friends in the centre full of people, visiting a good exhibition and a cool café after that and chatting. Painting is my vocation. Art history provides me with the theoretical background and I enjoy when it gives me the opportunity to socialize with new people. I’m not a scientist type. I love dancing and movement.