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Marija Krunić


2011 - 2011


At heart still a child, I was born in Belgrade where I am still growing up. I see the whole world as my home. From an early age on I have shown big interest in what is happening around me - both in the country and in the world - I have been interested in other cultures and societies that differ from that in which we’re living in. Therefore, sociology studies was the only right choice for me. A great passion and something that always return to with a smile is learning foreign languages. What gives me joy are dear people, unforgettable trips, a nice word and even a nicer deed, and, recently, different forms of social activism that gave me a possibility to influence my passive environment at least a little bit. I often wish the day would be at least eight hours longer, so I could accomplish everything I want and see everyone I would like to see in my life. But probably even that wouldn’t be enough.