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Miljana Srejić


2012 - 2012


I am a certificated germanist. I was born in Krusevac and now live in Belgrade. I’m 25 years old. I’m an educated nurse and then graduated in the German language and literature afterwards. Thus I connected two very important things to me: empathy and learning about other cultures. I’m teaching German, translate, occupy myself with economy, marketing, philosophy and psychology. I am a big child who wants to do big things. I see life as art, change and a game. I feel fine everywhere, because the whole world is my backyard. I love people, nature, animals, music, dancing, books, films, trips, curiosity, simplicity, my dishwasher, the color variety at the green market and the quote of Dusko Radovic: “The mind who knows a lot but is not able to do much, isn’t healthy“.