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Nera Vulović


2015 - 2015


Communicative, creative and sociable. Always open to new acquaintances, exchange of opinions, ready to hear and share any new or old experiences. The things that she gives the biggest attention to in life are family, friendship and knowledge. She graduated from the "Svetozar Markovic" Gymnasium in Jagodina, science department, she is the holder of the diploma Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic, (2009-2013). During high school, she attended seminars of astronomy at the Petnica Research Station, where she developed presentation skills, approach and method to scientific research, and works on an independent project. (2010 - 2012). She was a participant in an art colony on Grza and in Jagodina. Volunteered within the Dance for life Serbia project, peer education. Volunteer at Nishville Jazz Festival 2012, the marketing and promotion sector. Participant of the acting and dance workshop "During the summer along the Sava". She worked on the project "Mutuality", which was a product of the research of Savamala area showing the relationship between public and private spaces. The project was realilzed within the workshop “The Image of the City” organized by the Kamenzind magazine. She volunteered at the photo festival "Visualizer" where she was responsible for the organization of exhibitions and setting up of exhibition spaces. She was part of the design team for the Belgrade Fashion Alternative Fashion Show (2013 and 2014); participant of the International Art Colony in Tršić (2014); volunteer at the Bitef Festival (2014) - promotion  sector; volunteer at the Belgrade Dance Festival (2015); a member of the scenography team for the graduate film "Shuffle" (2015), where she also worked on the scenography and the lighting.