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Olivera Petrović


2014 - 2018


(1988) is a young architect and activist, has been undertaking and participating in actions in Savamala since 2012. She is a member of the Citizens Association of City Guerilla, where from 2014, as one of the mentors, she leads the module entitled School of Urban Practices, whose member she has been since its founding (2012, within UG Urban Incubator). Member of the Balkan Designers Network - Balkan Design Network 2015. She is one of the curators in the gallery dedicated to promotion and encouraging the development of contemporary architecture, where she deals with exhibition organization and production. One of the authors and project coordinators of the participatory urban design project "My Piece of Savamala" (2015, Belgrade), with over 120 participants. Author of several spatial installations and use items; one of the authors of the Scandinavian pavilion "Knock on wood" (2014, Belgrade). She leads workshops and social projects within NGO City Guerilla and gladly participates in those outside it.