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Stanislav Drča


2015 - 2018


Student of the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad at the Department of Art, Department for New Media Arts. Born in Novi Sad in 1993, he graduated from high school "Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj", science department. He attended the elementary music school "Isidor Bajić", piano department. With the choir of Gymnasium "Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj", he participated in numerous competitions both in the country and abroad. On several occasions he stayed at the Petnica Research Center at various seminars and projects. For two years (2011 and 2012) he worked as a graphic editor of the gymnasium magazine "Skamija" when he received an award at the Brankovo ​​Kolo Festival. Selected exhibitions and projects: Shortz 2012 (Academy of Arts Novi Sad); Differences 2013 (SKCNS Fabrika); Shortz 2013 (Academy of Arts Novi Sad); Volunteer of the Republika Fest 2013 (Rijeka); Pannonian Art Path 2013/2014 (Osijek, Apatin, Bač); Differences 2014 (SKCNS Factory); Bears 2014 (Gallery Parobrod, Belgrade); Shortz 2014 (Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina, Novi Sad); Video identity for the Nikola Puzigaća exhibition “Pun.K” in the Parobrod Gallery (Belgrade) and Inkubator Gallery (Zagreb) 2014; F.A.C.K Project 2014 (Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina, Novi Sad); New Collection Project (Inex Gallery and Gallery KM8, Urban Incubator, Belgrade) 2014; Bizarre love triangle. The public sculptures of Novi Sad 2014 (SKCNS Fabrika); 37th European Conference of Visual Perception (Sava Center, Belgrade) 2014. Selected works: Packed in Yugoslavia; Etar; Supervising authority; Digital Spring; PUN K. (Parobrod, Belgrade).