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Stefan Malešević


2011 - 2013


I am 22 years old, live in Belgrade and presently I am a final year student. When I get my diploma, I will have the title of the sound and video engineer. I engage in film, photography, music and sound; partly due to work, and partly due to self-contained or group managed art-projects. I dedicate most of my attention and time to the creation of short films with a group of friends and I hope that one day I will direct a feature film. I like people, but not crowds. I like green, but not red. I like trains and trams, but not the crowds in it. I like roads, not boulevards. I like people from the country, but no hillbillies. I like sports, but no sports broadcasts. I like noise, rhythms, melodies, waves, whispers, seas, forests, rivers, mountains, fires and fireplaces, gas and petrol, oranges and tangerines.