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Zorica Milisavljević


2010 - 2018

Involved in:

2010: Framing Old Belgrade

2010: Stereo-type

2010: Glance over the fence

2010: The Museum of Yugoslav Ships

2010: Interventions in public space

2010: Speed Dating with German 2010

2010: Concert and action in front of the Museum of Yugoslav History

2010: Tram 2 route through time and fashion

2010: Dolls in the forgotten places of the city

2010: Health of musicians and music in function of health

2010: Key qualifications for a good career start...

2010: The most beautiful Serbian word of German origin

2010: Freilautzeichnen – drawing loudly through the silent city

2011: A radio report on Belgrade

2011: Guerilla Trashophonic Orchestra

2011: Stammtisch – Regulars’ Table 2011

2011: First Open Library

2011: Marking the Unofficial Public Toilets

2011: Speed Dating with German 2011

2011: City Pleasantness Map

2011: Another perspective of the city

2012: Flash mop

2012: Goethe-Guerilla at the October Salon

2012: Symphony of the Spanish house

2012: Actions in the Open library

2012: Stammtisch - Regulars\' Table 2012

2012: Off Guide: Savamala

2012: Savamala – Encounters

2012: Savamala Flânerie

2012: Savamala post-express

2013: Integrated Railway Transport Symphony

2013: The Open Library: De/Construction

2013: Street-Art Savamala

2013: The second perspective

2013: Faces of Savamala

2013: The Goldfish of Savamala

2013: Interviews with Savamala residents

2013: Symphony of the Steamboat “Župa”: Una

2013: Youth in Action 2013

2014: The Parking Terrace

2014: The Open Library

2014: SavamalaMapJewelry

2014: Info-Flea Market

2014: ParMinuta Arhitekture

2014: Puls of Savamala

2014: Audio walk: Savamala

2015: Savamala Imaginarium

2015: ‘Compare to’ game

2015: Open Library

2015: My Piece of Savamala

2015: Collective interpretation of the Spanish house

2015: Synapsys

2015: Hit the Hermes

2015: Dialogue#1 Milena Ivković

2015: Dialogue #2 STPLN, Sweden

2015: Dialogue #3 Open library

2015: DIALOGUE #4 Ivan Kucina

2015: Savamala Talks

2015: Accidental Guides of Savamala

2015: G:DAY

2015: Kokica (“Popcorn”)

2016: DA:SEIN

2016: Recording a daydream

2017: Failure as Practice


She started her studies at Kunsthochschule Weissensee and stayed there until the fall of the Berlin wall, later graduating from the Faculty of Applied Arts and Design in Belgrade when first "walls" were erected on the borders which appeared after the dismemberment of Yugoslavia, the country in which she was born. In the following years she developed a passion for exploring creative forms which make art an efficient weapon against the omnipresent walls of everyday life, first that of war and revolution, and later the one stirred up by continuous changes in a society torn between the memories of the golden age of the Yugoslav past and a dream of better future which is still far away. She is engaged in graphic design, translation, writing, and is on an ongoing quest for knowledge in various fields. She has been working at the cultural program department of Goethe-Institut in Belgrade for twenty years. She is one of the founders of the Goethe-Guerilla project (whose mentor she has been since 2010) and later a co-founder of the City Guerilla association (founded in 2014) which stems from the former. Within these groups she has been devoted to examining the possibilities of establishing creative synergy through a self-organized group of young people of different interests, educational backgrounds, different age and different experiences. She is also interested in the processes that include the variability of the compatibility rhythm, functionality and sustainability of such a group and its impact on the urban environment in which it was formed. By playing a non-hierarchical role, i.e. being an observer, advisor and mentor, in the last eight years she has been working side by side with over two hundred young people from Belgrade as well as from 10 European cities where this model of youth self-organization in urban environments has been tested as part of the Goethe-Guerilla Project.