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Actopolis. The Art of Action


The Symphony of Savamala


ACTOPOLIS is a large multi-year project of the Goethe-Institut in Southeast Europe in cooperation with the cultural institution "Urbane Künste Ruhr" from the Ruhr area in Germany. Its goal is to exchange experiences and jointly develop tools for artistic, urban and activist activities. In the form of a laboratory, the participants discussed the current issues of urban life, tried strategies of action, conducted interventions and encouraged critical reflections. During 2015, representatives from different cities exchanged project ideas in making, only to realize them in 2016, each in their respective city – Athens, Belgrade, Bucharest, Mardin (Turkey), Oberhausen, Sarajevo and Zagreb. Belgrade edition of the ACTOPOLIS project entitled ‘FORMALLY INFORMAL. Belgrade self-organized cultural production’ deals with tensions existing in the sphere of the unique self-organized cultural production in Belgrade in the context of urban, social and economic changes amid a big social and economic crisis. The project was intended as a critical review of self-organized cultural urban practices. Curator Boba Mirjana Stojadinović gathered 14 participants, among which were: Aleksandar Nikolić, Aleksandra Sekulić and Ivica Đorđević, Anica Vučetić, City-Guerilla, Irena Ristić, Kurs Association, Marijana Cvetković, Mariela Cvetić, Marija Radoš and Miroslav Karić (Remont), Nebojsa Milikić and Tadej Kurepa, Nikola Radić Lucati, U10 Art Collective, Urban Incubator, Vahida Ramujkić and Noa Treister.    In April and May 2017, a joint exhibition was held at the City Museum of Belgrade, where visitors had an opportunity to see some of the project results from different cities.   ------ ACTOPOLIS | The Art of Action A project of Goethe-Institut and Urbane Künste Ruhr. Concept: Angelika Fitz Artisitc direction: Katja Aßmann, Angelika Fitz and Martin Fritz Project management: Juliane Stegner, Goethe-Institut Athen Project coordination: Natalia Sartori, Goethe-Institut Athen  Project management Urbane Künste Ruhr: Daniel Klemm Local curators: Ankara / Mardin: Pelin Tan, Athens: Elpida Karaba / Glykeria Stathopoulou, Belgrade: Boba Mirjana Stojadinović, Bucharest: Ștefan Ghenciulescu / Raluca Voinea, Oberhausen: geheimagentur, Sarajevo: Danijela Dugandžić, Zagreb: Ana Dana Beroš. Co-producers: Goethe Institut Ankara (Thomas Lier; Raimund Wördemann); Goethe-Institut Belgrad (Matthias Müller-Wieferig); Goethe-Institut Bucuresti (Beate Köhler; Evelin Hust); Goethe-Institut Bosnien und Herzegowina (Charlotte Hermelink); Goethe-Institut Kroatien (Katrin Ostwald-Richter), Theater Oberhausen (Peter Carp) Actopolis Belgrade:  Co-Production: Goethe-Institut Belgrad Head of project: Dr. Matthias Müller-Wieferig, Frank Baumann Curator: MFA Boba Mirjana Stojadinović City Guerilla project and Urban Incubator coordinator: Zorica Milisavljević Secretariat: Milica Lalić Coordinator: Sunčica Šido, Zorica Milisavljević Participants: Aleksandar Nikolić, Aleksandra Sekulić & Ivica Đorđević, Anica Vučetić, Irena Ristić, KURS, Mariela Cvetić, Marija Radoš & Miroslav Karić (Remont), Marijana Cvetković, Nebojša Milikić & Tadej Kurepa, Nikola Radić Lucati, U10 Art Collective, Vahida Ramujkić & Noa Treister, City Guerilla, Urban Incubator PR: Ana Đokić Blog: Sandra Stojanović Photographer: Marija Piroški Layout: Dragana Krtinić, Kristina Pavlak


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