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The Symphony of Savamala


PULS is a new media project whose aim is to create new spaces and experiences concerning the city by combining sounds, visualization and emotion in audio-visual performances and interactive installations. PULS is a project that strives to describe and illustrate a spersonal perception of a particular urban environment through the prism of the new media and informal peer education in that field. Every city has a unique set of sounds, forming a characteristic soundscape. The Guerilla team has been devoted to investigating these sounds, in order to discover unique soundscapes of Belgrade and Savamala.  In purpose of describing the urban environment, PULS has used methods as diverse as soundscapes, visualization, new media and open installations.  Apart from that, PULS has a synesthetic role – it enhances sensual and expressive impression of the city. Moreover, by building a collection of sounds specific for the urban environment, this project helps reliving personal experiences connected to a city or some part of it. During 2014, within as a part of the PULS project, a series of workshops was organized, which included constructing DIY projectors (so-called “Lightbooms”), mini patents of City Guerilla whose main purpose was visualization of the city environment. DIY microphones for micro recordings were made as well. Apart from this, the project was presented as a part of the annual Guerilla exhibition which included several new segments: an interactive audiovisual installation in shape of mailboxes; an audiovisual installation in the Spanish House in form of a sound tunnel; and camera obscura-like room with Lightbooms turning on and off randomly, showing old and new photos of Savamala accompanied with interview excerpts with the locals. The project was also presented at the international MitOst festival in Novi Sad, where the leaders of the module, Arsenije Savić and Miloš Jovanović held a workshop where the participants tried to discover the sound of Novi Sad.  In 2015 PULS transformed from a separate project into a City Guerilla module. The main projects developed within the module were: Hit the Hermes, Synapsys and ‘Compare to’ game.  


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