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Savamala Walks


The Symphony of Savamala


Savamala Walks is a City Guerilla module representing a combination of flanerie (artistic discovery of a city through walking), a tourist guide and various artistic media such as writing, photography, illustration, design, music, different audio-visual forms and the like.  This module’s main objective is (re)discovering the city and seeing various complex aspects that comprise the concept of a “city” in new light. Participants of this module tried to reach this objective employing different means, pointing out to important and inseparable parts of the city, often forgotten, neglected or hidden from our everyday observation. The city was (re)discovered through different artistic expressions, the visual one being the most prominent.  Savamala Walks is a successor of the Audio Walk: Savamala project successfully presented in autumn of 2014 in Belgrade on the international B_tour festival dealing with artistic tours and walks. On the other hand, Audio Walk: Savamala stemmed from a different project conducted in Stuttgart, Germany in 2012. The project in question was entitled Spuren Suche (‘Looking for traces’) and was realized as a collaboration between Guerilla and artistic group Flanerie Labor and Serbian Academic Network from Stuttgart. The author of this audio guide was Simon Marić, a Guerilla member and leader of Savamala Walks module. The common denominator of these two aforementioned predecessors of the module had been a combination of facts and fiction regarding the city and its hidden corners. The participants of both walks would discover new places in their hometown or would see familiar objects in entirely new light. While Spuren Suche relied on audio-visual and spatial impressions of the city and Audio Walk: Savamala combined temporal, i.e. historical impressions with visual segment, Savamala Walks represents a unique alloy of these two projects but slightly creatively enhanced. By using familiar surroundings and ways, through this module’s activities, its members of different interests and background present their own and unique representation of this urban city neighborhood. These diverse perspectives are themselves a mixture of facts and fiction more often than not. Therefore, by employing them, we get some sort of an imaginary Savamala, its aim being raising awareness and pointing out problems and historical significance of real Savamala.  Even though based on two audio-guides, in 2015 Savamala Walks was a predominantly visual project, spawning two subprojects: Savamala Imaginarium, during which a series of creative postcards from Savamala was produced and Savamala Monsters, a project stemming from the former and dealt with imaginary creatures inhabiting Savamala.