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The Symphony of Savamala Project


The Symphony of Savamala


The Guerilla team began to deal with sounds and sound-art as early as 2011 — forming Guerilla’s Trashophonic Orchestra with the idea of using recycled material to make instruments and produce various tunes. This idea eventually underwent a complete transformation. Beginning in 2013, the Guerilla team spent most of their time researching sounds in Savamala since this city neighborhood, being the crossroads of all major transport lines, had for a long time been synonymous with a source of heavy noise pollution. In addition, Savamala was home to numerous places and spaces, abandoned buildings and corners with very distinct sounds which the Guerilla team discovered, explored, and mapped.                 Led by the wish to investigate the surrounding where they intensively spent their time, the Guerilla members decided to consolidate all the gathered material into one whole, bearing a slightly ironic name – “The Symphony of the Shell”. It is almost always presented in its raw state. This unusual approach was a starting point for collaboration with both local and foreign musicians and composers, the most prominent of which were perhaps those with London-based sound artist and BBC producer Robin the Fog, and the one with Johan Romme and Akash Bhatt within the framework of the “Župa Sounds” project, led by Marijetica Potrč (Design for the Living World, HFBK) which included a number of workshops and performances on the Župa steamboat, gathering and connecting different groups of artists. ​To create the “Symphony of Savamala”, abandoned buildings, ships and railway wagons were used instead of instruments. Therefore a series of separate “symphonies” emerged: the Symphony of the Spanish House, Župa, and IRT (Integrated Railway Transport) symphony. These materials were presented for the first time during the big summer exhibition of the Guerilla in June 2013, in the Spanish house. They were also used for other projects and research later on.


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