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Accidental Guides of Savamala

Exhibition, Walks, Intervention, Installation

Savamala Walks


Accidental Guides of Savamala was a series of exhibitions in cooperation with the KOLEKTIV gallery or-ganized in its premises during the course of three months (July-September 2015).  The exhibition consisted of two segments: A Model for Savamala, a project initially launched within the framework of the Urban Incubator and headed by Maja Popović and Boba Stanić and three CG exhibitions. The latter consisted of Savamala monsters (a project of Savamala Walks module), which dealt with imaginary creatures living in and shaping the Savamala area; Hit the Hermes performance (a project of PULS module), dealing with the unflattering state of Belgrade museums; and the public presentation of the project My Piece of Savamala (a project developed within School of Urban Practices module).