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Jovana Uzelac


2015 - 2015


My name is Jovana Uzelac and I'm a student of the first year of the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, at the Book illustration department. I was born in 1993 in Belgrade, where after finishing the Philological Gymnasium I decided to dedicate myself to various artistic disciplines and enroll in the faculty I currently attend. Since 2012, I have been actively engaged in improving my artistic abilities, as well as in other creative disciplines. In 2013, I joined the volunteer project of “Bulevar umetnosti” portal, an online magazine for culture and art "Bulevar", where I participated as a journalist, exploring current events in the field of design, culture and art. I also participated in the project as a photographer, in order to provide high quality graphic material to colleagues. Recognizing the effort I invested, the project leaders promoted me to executive editor. In 2014, I became a part of the Undergrad team, in cooperation with which I worked as a documentary photographer recording ruined and abandoned places in the underground of Belgrade. The project also included public exhibitions of documented photographs.