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Olga Đurić


2015 - 2015


She studies the history of art and has a desire to transfer art into the present and the future! She participated in many art workshops and is now ready to use that knowledge in creating a more beautiful everyday life. In order to learn more political views she has participated in the seminar: Individual Politics in the Social-democracy week. She believes that we grow the most when we meet people from other parts of the world and when we try to create some funny project together with them. Therefore she participated in ISWIB and ISWI programs. Nature gives her immense freedom and she strives to preserve it, while at the same time educate others about the importance of a healthy environment. For that reason she joined the Biological Research Institute “Josif Pančić” and participated in the project UP! in Slovakia about recycling. She likes to show her passion to others, so  last year she devoted her attention to the practice at Kalemegdan where she presented cultural heritage and encouraged visitors to be optimistic and think of a wish first and then throw a coin into the Roman Well! Her optimism is infectious!